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    • Electrical Pressure Gauge
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Product Details

Type: PG-08

Case: Stainless steel  

Bezel: Crimped St.st.304 / or Bayonet St.St.304

Window: plexiglass / glass / Safety glass

Movement and thread : brass or stainless steel

Bourdon tube: brass or 316 stainless steel

Dial and pointer: aluminum

Pointer: common type / adjustable type

Liquid filled: glycerine oil / silicone oil 

Dial:  2.5"(63mm)/ 3"(75mm) / 4"(100mm)  

Accuracy:2.5% / 1.6% / 1%

Range: Minimum: 0-0.1 Mpa

      Maximum: 0-100 Mpa

      Minimum negative pressure: -0.1Mpa

       Maximum negative pressure : -0.1~2.4Mpa

Maximum Working Voltage:AC380V or DC220V

Maximum Current:1A

Contact Power:30VA

Connection:BM (bottom connection)

                     BK(central back connection)

IP: IP65

Thread:  1/4"BSP / 3/8“BSP / 1/2"BSP or other

Temperature Effects:When temperature deviates from 20± 5ºC, the error of set point is not more than 0.6%/10ºC

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