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Electrical Pressure Gauge
    • Electrical Pressure Gauge
    • Electrical Pressure Gauge
    • Electrical Pressure Gauge
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 Electrical Pressure gauge


widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power station, machinery and other industrial departments or mechanical and electrical equipment to measure the pressure of various fluid media without explosion hazard

- Specifications:

Type: PG-08

Case: Stainless steel  

Bezel: Crimped St.st.304 / or Bayonet St.St.304

Window: plexiglass / glass / Safety glass

Movement and thread : brass or stainless steel

Bourdon tube: brass or 316 stainless steel

Dial and pointer: aluminum

Pointer: common type / adjustable type

Liquid filled: glycerine oil / silicone oil 

Dial:  2.5"(63mm)/ 3"(75mm) / 4"(100mm)  

Accuracy:2.5% / 1.6% / 1%

Range: Minimum: 0-0.1 Mpa

      Maximum: 0-100 Mpa

      Minimum negative pressure: -0.1Mpa

       Maximum negative pressure : -0.1~2.4Mpa

Maximum Working Voltage:AC380V or DC220V

Maximum Current:1A

Contact Power:30VA

Connection:BM (bottom connection)

                     BK(central back connection)

IP: IP65

Thread:  1/4"BSP / 3/8“BSP / 1/2"BSP or other

Temperature Effects:When temperature deviates from 20± 5ºC, the error of set point is not more than 0.6%/10ºC



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