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Process Pressure Gauge
    • Process Pressure Gauge
    • Process Pressure Gauge
    • Process Pressure Gauge
Product Details

  Process Pressure gauge


The top is equipped with a filling plug and an internal compensation diaphragm, which can be filled on site. The liquid-filled safety pressure gauge has shock resistance and damping properties, which can prevent damage to the inside of the pressure gauge due to vibration, and can also lubricate internal components and reduce corrosion.

- Specifications:

Type: PG-06


Case: Black fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic ,(POCAN) Solid front, blowout back Turret-style case,with built in rear flange lugs  

Pointer: Aluminium,  with adjustable pointer 

Window: Double safe glass 

Internal: 316 stainless steel,less than 1000 PSI, C-type, more than 1500 PSI,Helical type 

Liquid filled: glycerine fillable 

Pressure element: 316L stainless steel 

 <100 bar :C -type ,≥ 100bar: helical type 

Accuracy: +/-1.0% 

Temperature: -40+71℃ 


Range: 0+11 kgf/cm2 & Psi or customized


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