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Water pressure transmitter
    • Water pressure transmitter
    • Water pressure transmitter
Product Details

--Pressure Transmitter

Technical characterisitics:

.Anti-frequency interference design,particularly suitable for use with inverters and variable frequency pumps.

.Good long -term stability and high accuracy.

Diffused silicone sensor is used as pressure sensitive element with high sensitivity.

.304 stainless steel, Horseman connector


KB-G102 Series universal pressure transmitter adopts compact structure and digital circuit design,which makes the external shape smaller,more convenient to install,and better electrical compatibility

This transmitter is designed for variable frequency water supply in water supply systems, It adopts a special anti-freqency conversion interference circuit to ensure the stability of output signals and long-term durability , it takes into account the temperature requirements of the water supply system at the same time.The transmitter is precisely temperature-compensated in a wide temperature range of -10+70 C to make it have small drift and good long-term stability.

This pressure transmitter can be matched with various inverters, air compressors,automated production line,and self-coveyed equipment.


.Variable frequency water supply

.Water pipe network

.Machinery and equipment

.Automated production line

Technical Parameters:


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