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Technical characteristics of automatic verification device for normal pressure gauge

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The normal pressure gauge is widely used and the verification work is very large. However, compared with other instruments (such as electrical instruments and radio instruments), its verification means are far behind. With the development of sensors and intelligent control technology of single chip microcomputer, it has become possible to realize automatic pressure gauge verification, but there is no automatic pressure gauge verification equipment. Therefore, as an exploration, we first developed a pressure gauge automatic verification device with the upper limit of verification below 0.6mpa.

Technical characteristics

1) The piston pressure standard is replaced by a pressure sensor, and the lead screw is driven by a servo motor instead of a hand wheel to push the lead screw, which eliminates the trouble of manually building pressure and manually taking and placing weights, so that the traditional verification method of pressure gauges has been comprehensively reformed.

normal pressure gauge

2) The heavy workload of programming provides a reasonable and reliable idea for automatic verification of commercial pressure gauges.

As the "brain nerve" of the system, it needs to complete the overall monitoring of the whole machine. On the one hand, it needs to carry out automatic data processing and printing, on the other hand, it needs to compile the protection logic of the system to ensure the safe and reliable work of the device together with the protection circuit.

3) The technical key of the device is the coordination between the control part and the pressure building part.

If the gain of the control part is too high, the pressure building system will overshoot and cannot work normally. If the gain is too low, the system will produce a large static difference, that is, the output pressure value of the device in the stable state differs too much from the set pressure value, which does not meet the design index.

4) The signal output by the sensor is only dozens of millivolts, which is a small signal. It is difficult to process the signal. Processing the signal requires low drift and noise of the amplifier.

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