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Differential & Duplex Pressure Gauge
    • Differential & Duplex Pressure Gauge
    • Differential & Duplex Pressure Gauge
    • Differential & Duplex Pressure Gauge
Product Details

 Differential & Duplex Pressure gauge


 suitable for measuring two same or different pressures, comparing two separate process pressures, the middle small disc shows the difference between the two pressures, used for the measurement of the pump inlet and outlet and the two ends of the filter


● stainless steel design, strong corrosion resistance

Measure 100 MPa ● high pressure

● safety divider, back relief

● safety double protective glass

● measurement accuracy ±1.0±1.6 per cent

- Specifications:

Case form : Containment structure, release after partition device

Tube and connector : 316 stainless steel pipe and 316 stainless steel connector argon arc welding

Movement : 316 stainless steel

Connection : M20×1.5 or 1/2 NPT bottom connection, or back connection (radial/axial)

Measuring range:  -0.1...0 MPa,0.1...100 MPa

Pointer: ordinary

Window: plexiglass, safety double glass

Shock-resistant filling material 98% glycerin (silicone oil, fluorine oil or other types can be selected)

:protection : IP 65

Temperature The temperature of the environment and working medium should not exceed:

Liquid-filled type 0~140℉;

Ordinary type -40~140℉

-Model number:

8721514431719860.jpg 6341514431702587.jpg  4461514431709803.jpg
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