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The working principle and application of Mask Thermometer
 Aug 01, 2020|View:446

As we all know, the function of the thermometer is to measure the temperature of the medium, and the mask thermometeris usually used to measure the temperature of the cylinder, cylinder and water outlet of the diesel engine. Compared with ordinary thermometers, mask thermometers should first pay attention to the following points:

1. Long service life (due to frequent sailing)

2. Strong vibration resistance (the diesel engine will produce a lot of vibration during operation)

3. Strong stability (helps the normal operation of the equipment)

4. The mask thermometer must be resistant to high temperature (especially inside the junction box, because the diesel engine will produce a higher ambient temperature when it is running, and the general outlet temperature is about 400°C).

Mask thermometers generally adopt mechatronics temperature measurement, which is convenient for control room control and field observation.

The working principle and application of Mask Thermometer

How to use a mask thermometer?

1. The thermometer should be used in an environment where the ambient air temperature is -10oC- +55oC and the relative humidity does not exceed 95%.

2. The thermometer should be installed vertically on the mounting plate without vibration. (No more than 30Hz)

3. The temperature sensor must be completely immersed in the measured medium, and the maximum depth of the temperature sensor should be inserted as far as possible to reduce

Due to the error caused by the heat dissipation of the temperature sensor mounting bolt, the measured medium needs to flow frequently.

4. When installing, the capillaries should be straightened, and the distance between the capillaries should not exceed 300 mm.

The bending radius should not be less than 50 mm.

5. The normal working temperature of the thermometer should be 1 / 2-3 / 4 of the measurement range.

6. In any case (regardless of transportation, installation or use), the thermometer should avoid vibration, collision and impact.

7. For example, measuring media that is corrosive to copper and copper alloys or whose pressure is greater than the nominal pressure that the temperature sensor can withstand

At this time, the temperature sensor must be equipped with a protective tube.

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