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Application of Oil and Gas Pressure Sensor in Pipeline

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There are thousands of smart pressure sensors in the waste oil pipeline, and the use of oil and gas pressure sensors is very large. There are many types of smart pressure sensors and there are many obstacles. After the actual application of the technicians, the fault judgment procedure of the intelligent pressure transmitter is simplified and scientific, which greatly shortens the processing time of the instrument fault, and has achieved good application effects. Improve the maintenance level of oil and gas pipeline instruments, safe and reliable. The effective production of oil and gas pipelines provides an important guarantee. However, due to the complexity and variety of failure phenomena in the process of instrument detection and control of oil and gas pipeline systems, methods and means of failure analysis are not uncommon. Only by exploring, researching and summarizing the successful experience in actual work can the instrument failure be improved. Analysis and processing capabilities.

With the improvement of industrial measurement and control technology requirements and the improvement of automation level, oil and gas pressure sensorsare more and more widely used in long-distance oil and gas pipelines or other industries. The accuracy and stability of pressure parameter detection during long-distance pipeline transportation. Sensors are the prerequisite for automatic control and optimization of the production process. Correct analysis and real-time processing of pressure sensor failures are not only directly related to the safety and stability of production, but also very suitable to reflect the actual work ability and business level of instrument maintenance personnel.

Application of Oil and Gas Pressure Sensor in Pipeline

The oil and gas pressure sensor is processed by PLC and monitored by the station controller. The PLC input circuit and field instruments are equipped with surge protectors, and the output signal of the intelligent pressure sensor in the oil and gas pipeline system is connected to the PLC in the control room through the instrument control cable. Prevent lightning strikes from damaging the instrument automation equipment. When the smart pressure sensor fails, the display on the station controller will also be different. When dealing with the fault, first determine whether it is the fault of the station control room automation system or the field instrument. If it is a failure of the automation system, please follow the agreement of the automation system. The treatment is sufficient. If it is an instrument failure, you must analyze and determine whether it is caused by the internal circuit of the instrument or an external cause based on the description and characteristics of the instrument used.

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