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How much do you know about remote reading thermoometer?
 Aug 04, 2020|View:783

People who use thermometers frequently may have heard of remote reading thermometers. Even if they don't understand telemetering thermometers, they should have heard of it. There are many remote reading thermometers. So what is a telemetry thermometer? What we introduce to you today is our ordinary pressure thermometer.

Pressure thermometer function: capillary measuring system, temperature controller, plastic case (standard), suitable for dial installation, dimensions: ø60 mm, ø80 mm and ø100 mm, front frame: 72 x 72 mm and 96 x 96 mm. Advantages: Save time, just set the demand value on the front of the device. Save energy, temperature measurement does not require additional auxiliary energy, therefore, mechanical switches have a decisive advantage. For compressor and engine industry, capillary measuring system, stainless steel housing, with bayonet connection, panel mounting/additional device, anti-kink spring, protection class IP65, housing size IP65. Advantages: energy saving, temperature measurement does not require additional auxiliary energy, decisive advantages, multi-functional many potential indication ranges and process connections so that you can find solutions suitable for each application field.

How much do you know about remote reading thermoometer?

It is a series of temperature meters developed in this way, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional expansion thermometers of single performance, short life, poor reliability and large temperature bulb. Among them, the volume of the temperature measuring element is 30 to 60 times smaller than that of a traditional steam and barometric thermometer. Innovatively install platinum or copper thermal resistance temperature measurement elements in the temperature measurement element to realize the mechatronics temperature measurement function. It has formed a multi-functional serialized temperature instrument based on liquid temperature, such as remote transmission, explosion-proof, shock-proof, anti-corrosion, electrical connector, temperature signal transmission and other basic temperature measuring instruments.

How much do you know about remote reading thermoometer?

1. Value: When the relative humidity is between 40% and 70%, you usually feel more comfortable. Therefore, please remember that the indoor air humidity indicated by this instrument has nothing to do with the outdoor humidity reading described in the weather forecast.

2. When adjusting, put the wet cloth on the back of the humidity indicator for 6 hours, after which the dial reading is about 95! %. If the number read is very small or completely off the dial, just turn the adjustment hole on the back until the indicator number is 95. Then, the humidity indicator will start to work normally. To ensure the accuracy of the instrument, it is recommended to make adjustments every 6 months.

3. Adjustment: The reading of the hygrometer can be adjusted through the center hole at the bottom of the instrument. Use a screwdriver to reach a 5 cm deep regulating valve for adjustment.

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