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The principle of Nautical Quartz Clock
 May 26, 2021|View:919

Nautical Quartz Clock is a high-precision, portable mechanical chronograph with a deviation of 0.5 seconds. It can be used to indicate time, measure time interval, verify various mechanical stopwatches, and nautical positioning and field astronomical observations. With the development of electronic technology and the widespread application of crystal oscillators, the accurate timekeeping quartz astronomical clock gradually replaced the mechanical marine clock.

The principle of Nautical Quartz Clock: The cycle of a simple pendulum remains unchanged. The pendulum moves for one cycle, and the second hand moves once or twice. However, waves on the sea will cause the pendulum to shake. In this process, the pendulum is subjected to forces other than gravity, the cycle is changed, and the time is not accurate. In order to make the clock pendulum receive the same force every time, the back side of the clock pendulum is connected to the spring. Each time the spring is stretched and compressed, the pendulum is shaken isochronously with the same force, ensuring that the time for the second hand to move once is equal.

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