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Features of capsule type pressure gauge
 Jun 02, 2021|View:853

1. The capsule type pressure gauge adopts an anti-overpressure structure, which can effectively prevent overpressure from causing damage to the instrument and causing adverse effects of unstable combustion and equipment failure.

2. The instrument is equipped with a zero adjustment device, which can effectively ensure that the pressure gauge can be used in all areas and can be zeroed at any time.

3. The accuracy rate reaches 2.5% of the domestic level.

4. The installation method of the capsule type pressure gauge is flexible and easy to disassemble. The exquisite appearance also allows the use of equipment to display value.

5. 5Kpa-50Kpa (500-5000mmwc) wide pressure range, better adapted to the requirements of different equipment.

Features of capsule type pressure gauge

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