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The refrigerant pressure gauge pressure test, cleaning process, welding process is very important
 Jun 25, 2021|View:651

Refrigerant pressure gauge products need to clean the process, but many manufacturers do not have this process. The VAB seismic refrigerant stainless steel pressure gauge is an ultrasonic cleaning process, the process of the effect is very good, high cleanness, clean speed, need not hand touching cleaner, safe and reliable, to crack, concave and convex surface, the deep hole can be cleaned, the surface without damage, save heat energy, cleaner, sites and artificial, etc.

Refrigerant pressure gauge

It is the same in the pressure holding test and vacuum pumping process, many refrigerant pressure gauge manufacturers are directly remove these processes. And VAB stainless steel shock-resistant refrigerant pressure gauges are strictly in accordance with German standards, each pressure gauge pressure 48 hours, stable performance will be factory. Each instrument is vacuumed to ensure the normal operation of the product. If vacuum treatment is not carried out, the refrigerant pressure gauge can not play the role of negative pressure.

In the welding process, there are direct manual welding, laser welding, and other processes. The refrigerant pressure gauge products that are welded by hand and the products that are welded by laser cannot be distinguished in appearance. But the use of manual welding process products has the hidden danger of air leakage, with a period of time that can be felt. Laser technology has no such concerns. VAB stainless steel shock-resistant refrigerant pressure gauges use a laser welding process.

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