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How to apply intelligent fire extinguisher pressure gauge?
 Jul 09, 2021|View:641

After the intelligent fire extinguisher barometer is installed, the daily check of the fire extinguisher can be completed on the computer or mobile phone.For example, after the intelligent fire extinguisher barometer is fully installed in a residential area managed by users, the ordinary fire extinguisher will be upgraded to an intelligent extinguisher pressure gauge, and the fire extinguisher will automatically self-check. Users only need to check the data of the computer platform. If the pressure of a fire extinguisher is abnormal, it will be automatically reported to the platform, so that users can know the abnormal information, location, and time of the abnormal fire extinguisher in the first time through the platform, which is convenient for users to quickly deal with the abnormal fire extinguisher.

Low cost to solve the fire extinguisher management problems. Practical, efficient, is the original intention of our product, it can not only solve the management problem of extinguisher pressure gauge but also reduce the cost burden of users;

extinguisher pressure gauge

An intelligent fire extinguisher pressure gauge barometer is long and durable. IP65 protection class, can easily cope with the outdoor environment, not afraid of the rain, moisture, dust erosion, not easy to rust corrosion, more durable than ordinary barometer valve body;

Intelligent extinguisher pressure gaugebarometer more manpower saving. Remote monitoring management can directly replace manual on-site inspection, save a lot of manpower and material resources, and reduce the inspection pressure of users, but also make the management of fire extinguishers more efficient.

Applicable of extinguisher pressure gauge:

1. Excellent material for outdoor places such as scenic spots and parks, which can cope with outdoor environment corrosion;

2, the community, park, and other indoor places with strong coverage ability, easily cover the whole community, park;

3, tunnel, underground parking lot, and other weak signal places signal stability, weak signal places can work normally.

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