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Why is the oil filled pressure gauge more expensive than the ordinary pressure gauge?

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When it comes to the pressure gauge, the oiling pressure gauge is the most common one we see, and we also pay attention to the oil filled pressure gauge price, why is the oil pressure gauge more expensive than the ordinary pressure gauge?

First, the principle is different

1, oil pressure: mainly by the sensor and indicator two parts, the sensor is mainly metal diaphragm (or film box), transmission mechanism and potentiometer, used to feel the size of oil pressure and output the corresponding electrical signal

2, ordinary pressure gauge: the table through the sensitive element in the elastic deformation of the Bourdon tube, and then through the table movement conversion mechanism to transfer the pressure deformation to the pointer, causing the pointer to rotate to show the pressure.

 pressure gauge

Second, different applications

1. Oiling pressure gauge: it is used to measure the oil pressure of the lubricating system of each part of the aircraft. It is an important parameter of the working state of the lubricating system of the aircraft.2, ordinary pressure gauge: suitable for measuring the pressure and vacuum of liquid, gas, or steam without explosion, crystallization, solidification, corrosion of copper and copper alloy.Third, different characteristics

1, oil pressure gauge: it is mainly a double wire frame current ratio table, the sensor outputs electrical signal into two wire frames current ratio , so that the pointer on the dial indicates the size of the measured oil pressure.

2, ordinary pressure gauge: the working pressure of the full range of 1/3 ~ 2/3 is appropriate, the use of the highest range shall not exceed 3/4 of the full scale. The verification period is generally no more than half a year. If the medium in the pressure measuring part fluctuates greatly, the application is frequent, the accuracy requirement is high.

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