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The principle of rapid verification system for normal pressure gauge

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The normal pressure gauge automatic verification system includes two parts: the pressure gauge verification/calibration management system and the automatic interpretation system of the instrument value. The visual interface of the system makes operation very simple. The operator only needs to input the necessary parameters such as range and accuracy, and the pointer reading of the pressure gauge can be read automatically. The method can be used to detect and interpret the accuracy of various instruments, whose accuracy depends on the resolution of the image and the limited processing time. This system can greatly improve the backward condition of manual verification of pressure gauge, and improve the automation level of verification and the stability of verification results to a certain extent.

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The normal pressure gauge has the advantages of simple maintenance, good stability, strong durability, flexible use, and so on. It is widely used in industrial, chemical, petroleum, electronics, shipbuilding, machinery, and other industries. How much do users know about the characteristics of the normal pressure gauge calibrator when using it? It is also very important for users to use it.

The characteristics of normal pressure gauge calibrator:

1. Manual pressure, can be used as remote air source, truly automatic forward and reverse stroke pressure, arbitrary digital setting, directly press the "confirm" button, can achieve the need stable pressure value;

2. Built-in intelligent multi-function display instrument; Easy to carry, stable pressure output, high definition dot matrix LCD display, stability accuracy to 0.01kpa, the last point of the number of plus or minus 1-word change;

3. Set positive and negative pressure in one, positive and negative pressure switch is convenient, can be set step by step, can automatically control the verification process;

4. Different range pressure modules can be selected to carry out the multi-range measurement, which is simple to operate and improves the verification efficiency;

5. Digital calibration is used for pressure, current/voltage measurement;

6. Dual row LCD display, built-in backlight;

7. Two power supply modes : AC220V and built-in rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery, easy to use on-site;

8. Data communication with a computer with R232 interface;

9. The shell is made of exquisite aluminum alloy, with strong wear resistance and seismic reliability.

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