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Proper use of commercial pressure gauges

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1. Range The maximum range of the pressure gauge installed on the boiler or pressure vessel (the limit value of the scale on the dial) should be compatible with the working pressure of the equipment. The range of the normal pressure gauge is generally 1.5 ~ 3 times the working pressure of the equipment, and 2 times is better. If the measurement range of the pressure gauge is too large, due to the same precision of the pressure gauge, the greater the measurement range, the greater the allowable error of the absolute value and naked eye observation of the deviation, will affect the accuracy of the pressure reading; On the contrary, if the measuring range of the pressure gauge is too small, and the working pressure of the equipment is equal to or close to the scale limit of the pressure gauge, the elastic element in the pressure gauge will be in the maximum deformation state for a long time, which is easy to produce permanent deformation, causing the error of the pressure gauge to increase and the service life to decrease.

range of the normal pressure gauge

2. The accuracy of the commercial pressure gauge is expressed as the allowable error as a percentage of the dial scale limit. The accuracy grade is generally marked on the dial. When selecting the pressure gauge, the accuracy should be determined according to the pressure grade of the equipment and the actual work needs. Pressure gauges for boilers and low-pressure vessels with rated steam pressure less than 2.45MPa shall have a precision not less than 2.5; The accuracy of pressure gauges for boilers and medium and high-pressure vessels with rated steam pressure greater than 2.45mpa shall not be less than grade 1.5.

3. Dial diameter In order to enable the operator to see the pressure value accurately, the dial diameter of the pressure gauge should not be too small. In general, boiler and pressure vessels and marine pressure gauge dial diameter should not be less than 100mm, if the pressure gauge is installed higher or far from the post, dial diameter should be increased.

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