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How to judge the quality of a Normal pressure gauge
 Sep 28, 2022|View:347

The normal pressure gaugeis a kind of instrument that can measure and indicate the pressure above the environment. It is widely used in almost all industrial processes and scientific research fields. To determine the quality of the Normal pressure gauge, we generally look at the comparison in the following ways:

Normal pressure gauge

1. The spring tube of a Normal pressure gauge is a kind of tubular spring that has a certain cross-section shape and can be bent into a “C” shape. If the tube is too small, it will affect the accuracy level of the Normal pressure gauge.

2. If the indication of the Normal pressure gauge exceeds the allowable error, the indication adjusting screw of the gauge should be adjusted. If the indication adjusting screw does not exist in the gauge, the gauge can only be disqualified.

3. Normal pressure gauge dial graduation figures and symbols should be complete and clear. The dial dividing gauge should be evenly distributed and the center angle of the package should be 270 °. The pointer of the Normal pressure gauge should extend into all dividing lines, and the width of its pointer indicating the end should not be greater than 1/5 of the minimum dividing interval.

4. Normal pressure gauge shell should be able to protect the internal parts from contamination, Normal pressure gauge should be installed safety hole, safety hole should be equipped with a dust-proof device.

5. Normal pressure gauge with stop pin, no pressure or vacuum when the needle should be close to the stop pin, “Shrink” must not exceed the allowed error.

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