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Selection and use of dry pressure gauge
 Aug 17, 2020|View:680

The dry pressure gauge is mainly used to calibrate ordinary industrial pressure gauges, and can also be used to measure the pressure of high-precision working media online. It is a measurement standard commonly used in pressure measurement and testing, inspection and verification, inspection and verification and other pressure parameter related fields. Precisely measure the pressure of non-corrosive, amorphous and non-solidified media such as copper alloy and steel alloy structure.

Selection and use of dry pressure gauge

The range of the pressure gauge is generally 1.5 to 3 times the working pressure of the equipment, preferably 2 times. If the range of the selected digital pressure gauge is too large, due to the digital pressure gauge of the same accuracy, the larger the range, the greater the absolute value of the allowable error and the deviation of the naked eye, which will affect the accuracy of the pressure reading; on the contrary, if the selected pressure gauge is selected If the pressure gauge range is too small, and the working pressure of the device is equal to or close to the scale limit of the digital pressure gauge, the elastic element in the digital pressure gauge will be in the maximum deformation state for a long time, which is prone to permanent deformation, causing the error of the digital pressure gauge to increase and The service life is reduced. Therefore, the operating pressure range of the pressure gauge should not exceed 60 to 70% of the scale limit.

If the medium used for dry pressure gauge measurement is corrosive, then different elastic element materials must be selected according to the specific temperature, concentration and other parameters of the corrosive medium, otherwise the expected purpose will not be achieved.

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