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What is a boiler thermometer
 Aug 10, 2020|View:564

Boiler thermometers are usually installed on the boiler outlet, water separator and water collector of the hot water boiler system, as well as on the main return pipe. It is mainly used to test the outlet water temperature and the return water temperature, so that the operator can operate the boiler according to the temperature and control the water supply to meet the requirements.

Glass mercury thermometers can be installed on horizontal and vertical pipes. When installed on a vertical pipe, it can be installed in various positions, such as 30°, 45°, 90° and the center of the pipe. The installation on horizontal pipes is mostly vertical. , The location of the temperature bulb should be in the center of the tube, and the degree surface should face the direction that is easy to observe during installation.

There are many specifications and models of boiler thermometers. We can customize different boiler thermometers according to the specific installation situation of the boiler.

What is a boiler thermometer

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