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High pressure gaugemeter installation requirements

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1. The high pressure gauge  should be installed perpendicular to the horizontal plane to facilitate observation and maintenance; the installation height of the ordinary pressure gauge is flush with the line of sight of ordinary people, and the installation height is 1.5~1.6m. The installation position of the high-pressure meter should be higher than the head of the common people. The installation height is 1.7~1.8m.

2. The measuring point of the instrument and the installation position of the instrument should be on the same level, otherwise the additional height error should be corrected.

3. The distance between the installation position of the instrument and the measuring point should be as short as possible to avoid slow indication.

4. In order to ensure convenient maintenance, a shut-off valve should be installed between the pressure port of the high pressure gauge and the pressure gauge. The stop valve should be installed near the pressure port. If you need to make adjustments on site , the measured medium is dirty. In this case, change the stop valve to a three-way valve.

5. When measuring high pressure gauge, please use a pressure gauge with a vent. When installing, the box should face the wall or a place where no one passes. When installed near the operating column, it should be at least 1.8m away from the ground, or a protective cover should be placed on the front of the instrument. Prevent accidents.

High pressure gaugemeter installation requirements

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