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How to read fire extinguisher pressure gauge

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Fire extinguisher is one of the common fire extinguishing equipment. Many people may know how to use a fire extinguisher but do not know how to read a fire extinguisher pressure gauge.

The indicator of the fire extinguisher pressure gauge in the red area indicates that the pressure is too low and cannot be sprayed, indicating that the pressure is faulty and needs to be replaced or refilled. The pointer in the green area is normal and can be used normally. The pointer in the yellow area indicates that the pressure is too high and dry powder can be sprayed, but there is a danger of explosion and explosion. For fire extinguishers in this state, it is best to go to a regular fire extinguishing equipment store to replenish dry powder. The yellow grid area is a hazardous area used by manufacturers when producing or maintaining fire extinguishers. Normally, regular manufacturers will fill the green grid area. As mentioned above, if the pointer is in the yellow grid area, the pressure is too high. This is dangerous, but it does not mean it is invalid when used.

How to read fire extinguisher pressure gauge

For most fire extinguishers, whether it is water-based, dry powder, clean gas, etc., the fire extinguisher is usually equipped with a fire extinguisher pressure gauge to check whether the pressure in the bottle meets the requirements. Once a leak occurs, the pressure will drop, making it impossible to extinguish the fire normally. In the daily fire safety inspection, whether the pressure gauge pointer of the fire extinguisher is in the green normal area is one of the inspection items of the fire extinguisher.

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