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The working principle and introduction of reflex type level gauge

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The working principle of the reflex type level gauge is based on the different reflectivities of steam and liquid. Level detection can be used in many process applications.

There are two types of glass level gauges: reflective and transparent.Reflex type level gauges are widely used for level measurement in specific containers. The principle is based on the different reflectivity of steam and liquid.

The reflection type water level gauge is also called a square water level gauge, which provides a clear boundary for the water level picture. This reduces the risk of deforming or reading the area. Therefore, the reflective liquid level gauge can be installed at a squint angle or a vertical position, and can even provide higher reading accuracy and better reliability. As you can imagine, this will benefit many industries.

The working principle and introduction ofreflex type level gauge

The reflex type level gauge is a commonly used instrument in the automation industry. It can work under high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion and crystallization, and has anti-caking and anti-freezing effects. It can also measure solid powders and granular substances.

The reflex type level gauge has a good structure and installation method. It can measure the liquid level of highly corrosive media, the liquid level of high-temperature media and the liquid level of sealed containers, regardless of the viscosity, density and working pressure of the measured medium. .

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