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What is the difference between a normal pressure gauge and a barometer?

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Conventional pressure gauges are sensitive to elastic elements that measure and indicate higher than the ambient pressure. The pressure gauge passes the elastic deformation of the sensitive element in the meter, and then the pressure deformation is transmitted to the pointer by the conversion mechanism of the movement in the meter, causing the pointer to rotate to display the pressure. In the process of industrial process control and technology measurement, the commercial pressure gauge is more and more widely used because of the high mechanical strength and convenient production of the elastic sensing element of the commercial pressure gauge. The pressure gauge measures the relative pressure between media.

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Unlike normal pressure gauges, a barometer is an instrument that measures air pressure and does not have an automatic recording function. Empty box barometer is made of elastic metal thin film empty box as an induction element, it will be atmospheric pressure into the elastic displacement of the empty box, through levers and transmission mechanism to drive the pointer. When deflected clockwise, the hand indicates. Pressure gauge is a classification of pressure gauges, is also measuring the pressure between medium and medium, or the absolute pressure of the atmosphere, pressure gauge with liquid, if there is no special use, can be general.

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