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Quality requirements for Normal pressure gauge

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Normal pressure gauge is an instrument that uses an elastic element as a sensing element to measure and indicate pressure above the ambient pressure. It is widely used in almost all industrial processes and scientific research. In the heat pipe network, oil and gas transmission, water and gas supply systems, vehicle repair and maintenance shop and other fields can be seen everywhere. When using Normal pressure gauge, choose the one with the best quality. The following points are the Normal pressure gauge quality references.

Normal pressure gauge

1. Normal pressure gauge is a tubular spring with a definite cross-section, which is bent into a "C" shape and can meet certain elastic requirements. If the Bourdon tube is too small, it affects the Normal pressure gauge accuracy level.

2. If the indication of the Normal pressure gauge exceeds the allowable error, the indication adjusting screw of the gauge should be adjusted. If the gauge has no indication of adjusting the screw, the gauge can only be judged to be unqualified.

3. Normal pressure gauge dial index numbers and symbols should be legible. The dial gauge shall be uniformly distributed, with a central angle of 270 ° in general, and the pointer of Normal pressure gauge shall extend into all dividing lines, the width of which shall not be greater than 1/5 of the minimum dividing interval. The distance between the pointer and the dial plane should be in the range of 1 ~ 3mm. The outer diameter of the case should be more than 200mm (including 200mm). The distance between the pointer and the dial plane should be in the range of 2 ~ 4mm.

4. Normal pressure gauge with stop pin, the pointer shall be close to stopping pin when there is no pressure or vacuum, and the "contraction" shall not exceed the specified allowable error.

5. Normal pressure gauge case shall protect internal parts from contamination. Normal pressure gauge shall be fitted with a safety hole on which a dust-proof device is required.

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