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Notes for installing a marine pressure gauge
 May 12, 2022|View:159

In the process of industrial control and technical measurement, because of the high mechanical strength and easy production of the elastic sensitive element of the mechanical marine pressure gauge, this makes the mechanical marine pressure gaugemore and more widely used. Some points to note in installing the marine pressure gauge should be known in advance, as follows:

marine pressure gauge

1. Marine pressure gauge shall be carefully checked prior to installation to ensure that the model, specification, and grade meet the requirements for ideal use. Then check whether the seal is completed by the limit pin, joint thread wear and tear into the air hole plug, etc. . In all good, normal conditions can be installed.

2. The annular tubes for measuring other hot liquids shall be filled with the same or other neutral liquids (non-miscible and non-displaceable).

3. Marine pressure gauge shall be installed at ambient temperatures of 40 °C-1 + 60 °C and relative humidity of not more than 80%.

4. Marine pressure gauge shall not be installed directly near boilers or similar installations where the surface of the equipment is heated. The marine pressure gauge shall be connected to each other by a circular pipe and a tee joint.

5. Marine pressure gauge shall be installed vertically, not inclined at 30 degrees, and shall be kept at the same level as the measuring point so as not to indicate delay.

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