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How to choose the proper Normal pressure gauge?
 Jun 30, 2022|View:90

Normal pressure gauge shows the pressure by elastic deformation of the sensitive elements (Bourdon tube, Bellows, Bellows) in the gauge, and then the pressure deformation is transmitted to the pointer by the transfer mechanism of the movement in the gauge, causing the pointer to rotate.

Normal pressure gauge

Normal pressure gauge is a common measuring instrument, which is widely used in various production fields. The selection of pressure gauge should be based on the use of requirements, in the premise of meeting the technological requirements, should be based on the principle of saving and practical comprehensive consideration, to achieve a reasonable choice of precision grade, range, type, and model.

A.Normal pressure gauge accuracy level determination.

The precision grades of precision pressure gauge are,0.25,0.4 respectively, and those of general pressure gauge are,2.5,4.0 respectively. The method of choosing the precision grade of pressure gauge: the precision grade should be determined by the allowable error of the minimum pressure measured according to the requirements of production technology, economic and practical, testing method, etc. .

B.Normal pressure gauge selection

1) when measuring the stable pressure, the maximum working pressure should not exceed 2/3 of the measuring range.

2) when measuring the fluctuating pressure, the maximum working pressure should not exceed 1/2 of the measuring range

3) when measuring high pressure, the maximum working pressure should not exceed 3/5 of the measuring range

4) in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, the minimum working pressure should not be less than 1/3 of the measuring range.

In accordance with the above principles, according to the measured maximum pressure calculated a value, from the pressure gauge range series choose slightly greater than the value of the selected range.

C. Normal pressure gauge

Different kinds of pressure gauges should be selected for measuring different media and using the environment

1)General Media, such as air, water, steam, oil, etc., can be used as ordinary pressure gauges.

2) special pressure gauges for special media, such as ammonia pressure gauges for ammonia, oxygen pressure gauges for oxygen, hydrogen pressure gauges, and acetylene pressure gauges for acetylene, etc...

3) For a general corrosive medium and corrosive gas environment, a stainless steel pressure gauge can be selected.

4) for the measurement of viscosity, easy crystallization, corrosion, and high temperature of liquid, gas, or solid plankton medium pressure measurement, select a diaphragm pressure gauge.

5) pressure measurement in the case of pulse medium and mechanical vibration. Choose a shock-resistant pressure gauge.

6)When the remote transmission is required, the remote transmission type pressure gauge can be selected. The remote transmission signals are current type, resistance type, and voltage type.

7) Electric contact pressure gauges are available when control protection is required.

8) Explosion-proof type, such as explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge, must be selected when explosion-proof is required

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