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Common problems and methods of commercial pressure gauge

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The commercial pressure gauge works by deforming a spring tube, with the movement (sector teeth working with the center gear) driving the pointer to display the measured medium pressure on the plate scale. Commercial pressure gauge in the use of the process there will be some problems, we need to solve in time to ensure normal use.

commercial pressure gauge

Three common problems with the commercial pressure gauge are:

1. Pressure gauge sector gear work for a period of time will appear to wear phenomenon.

2. The pressure measuring system of the pressure gauge is impacted by the instantaneous overpressure of the measured medium, which causes the pointer not to return to zero or to rush under the limit pin.

3. The instrument pointer does not return to zero after the system is decompressed.

Three ways to solve common problems with commercial pressure gauge:

1. Increase the width of the contact surface of the sector gear, increase the contact surface, in order to achieve anti-wear and increase service life.

2. Add the limit block on the movement of the instrument, the pressure measuring system makes the cylinder gear and sector gear of the movement not easy to be tripped when the pressure system is under the instant impact, to solve the problem that the pointer does not return to zero or the pointer is washed behind the limit pin after the pressure gauge is impacted.

3. The impact pressure measuring system closes the valve under the pressure gauge.

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