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How to deal with the mini pressure gauge non-return to zero and the use of precautions
 Jul 19, 2022|View:407

The mini pressure gaugeis an instrument that uses elastic elements as sensing elements to measure and indicate pressures higher than the ambient pressure. It is widely used in almost all industrial processes and scientific research fields, in the process of industrial process control and technical measurement, the mini pressure gauge is used more and more widely because of its high mechanical strength and production convenience. But when we use it, we will find that the mini pressure gauge can not return to zero, how to solve it?

mini pressure gauge

1. Before using the mini pressure gauge, the mini pressure gauge pointer started at zero. First, explain a special case. For some mini pressure gauge with lower gauge range but larger outside diameter, this can only happen when the gauge is laid flat. However, when the mini pressure gauge is vertical, the pointer returns zero. In this case, the mini pressure gauge pointer can not be started from scratch and should be considered a qualified product.

2. Negligence and non-standard operation in the production process. Let's talk about assembly first. During the assembly process, some of the screws used to install the fittings were not tightened. In the process of logistics transportation, strong vibration or artificial damage is caused by the above situation. For example, the upper and lower layers of the movement, the dial, the movement, and the connector are not screwed in place, which may cause the mini pressure gauge pointer to zero during transportation.

3. When checking the mini pressure gauge, the pin is not firm. Similarly, the mini pressure gauge needle may not return to zero during logistics because of long, bumpy roads or some artificial factors.

If the mini pressure gauge in the hands of consumers is normal, then in the use, should pay attention to what aspects?

1. Field use is the litmus test for the quality of the mini pressure gauge. Due to the diversity and complexity of the work environment, due to the intense vibration of the work environment, it is impossible to withstand the intense vibration during use, although the mini pressure gauge also has a limited value. However, if the mini pressure gauge screw is not tightened in place before the factory, will lead to tension rod loss, dial dislocation, movement, etc., which will directly lead to the mini pressure gauge needle from zero.

2. If the user misoperates and the pressure exceeds the mini pressure gauge limit even twice, the spring tube will deform, inelastic deform, or the movement tooth will come off, in fact, the user in the operation of excessive pressure to break the mini pressure gauge, resulting in the mini pressure gauge pointer does not return to zero.

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