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The function of the movement of the Normal pressure gauge
 Aug 05, 2022|View:458

Normal pressure gaugeapplications are extremely common and can be found in almost all areas of industrial process and scientific research. The principle of a Normal pressure gauge is through the elastic deformation of the sensitive element in the gauge, and then the pressure deformation is transmitted to the pointer by the transfer mechanism of the movement in the gauge, causing the pointer to rotate to display the pressure.

Normal pressure gauge

So the movement of the Normal pressure gauge is very important to a Normal pressure gauge, it can ensure the accuracy of a Normal pressure gauge. Normal pressure gauge machine core by the core gear, sector gear, hairpin, indicating the value of the adjustment screw and connecting rod, and so on. The Normal pressure gauge movement can change the linear displacement of the free end of the spring tube into an angular displacement so that the small displacement of the spring tube can be magnified, thus making the pointer obtain a larger rotation angle proportional to the measured pressure, to ensure that the Normal pressure gauge has sufficient reading accuracy, to achieve easy observation of the indicating value. Normal pressure gauge movement is the main work object in Normal pressure gauge maintenance, it is the root of Normal pressure gauge fault, error, maintenance personnel should have a full understanding of him, in order to successfully complete the maintenance of the task.

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