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Special functions of marine pressure gauge

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Marine pressure gauge for ships and related equipment, because it has the excellent seismic function, it is especially suitable for mechanical vibration of marine conditions. Marine pressure gauge was born in a large family, in addition to the marine pressure gauge, there are seismic pressure gauges and diaphragm pressure gauges, in the industrial process and scientific research can be seen. In addition to the general pressure gauge functions, it should also have the following functions:

marine pressure gauge

1. The marine pressure gauge can work normally when it is swayed 22 ° away from the installation position.

2. The marine pressure gauge is splash resistant and meets the IPX4 standard.

3. Marine pressure gauge has a certain anti-vibration performance, in the amplitude of 1mm, frequency less than 13Hz vibration conditions can work properly.

4. The marine pressure gauge is salt spray resistant and will not corrode the marine pressure gauge when used in oceanic climates.

5. The hands of the marine pressure gauge and the marks on the dial are coated with a permanent luminescent agent to ensure that the pressure values of the marine pressure gauge can be observed in the dark.

The reason why the marine pressure gauge developed so quickly and was applied on many occasions, is inseparable from its own commodity advantages and believes that with the further development of the market economy, the integration of the two deepenings, industrial demand for the marine pressure gauge will also increase.

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