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How to use Oil Gauging Tapes properly?
 Jan 17, 2023|View:328

The Oil Gauging Tapes are a special tool used in oil metering to measure the depth and height of oil in a container. Here are the steps for using the Oil Gauging Tapes.

Oil Gauging Tapes

1. Pull the Oil Gauging Tapes out of the box.

2. Slide the hook of the Oil Gauging Tapes downwards to attach the oil pendant.

3. Clip the clip on the top of the discharge leading to a grounded iron object.

4. Align the Oil Gauging Tapes with the dipstick tape in a straight line.

5. Turn the crank over and hold the Oil Gauging Tapes handle in one hand and the crank in the other.

6. Allow the oil drop to fall freely, relaxing the grip on the crank as the gravity of the oil drop accelerates the fall of the tape.

7. Use the crank to control the speed of the fall by gravity and when the fall touches the bottom of the container, hold the handle and extract upwards to keep the tape and the fall upright in the solution.

8. Read the value of the liquid level at this point.

9. As the weight of the oil drop will cause the liquid level to rise, use the crank to turn the tape into the dipstick holder after the first measurement and measure the rise when the liquid level returns to its original position.

10. Observe the change in liquid level and where the liquid level is at this point and then lower the dipstick to measure the rising value and take a reading, this will complete the purpose of measuring the depth of the liquid.

11. After taking the reading, slowly swing the tape into the dipstick holder, wipe the tape and oil drop with a dry cloth, retrieve the lead, and put it in the box for next use.

Notes on the use of Oil Gauging Tapes

1. Always drop the tape vertically.

2. Be careful not to bend the tape when recycling.

3. Do not measure hot or corrosive liquids.

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