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Oil Gauging Tapes
Oil Gauging Tapes are precision measuring tapes used to measure the level of oil in storage tanks. These tapes are made of stainless steel and are resistant to oil and other chemicals. Oil Gauging Tapes are available from various suppliers, who offer different models and specifications to meet different measurement requirements.
Oil Gauging Tapes
Oil Gauging Tapes
Oil Gauging Tapes
Product Detail

MA/MB 65-08-51 White Tape, 15M

MA/MB 65-08-52 White Tape, 20M

MA/MB 65-08-53 White Tape, 30M

MA/MB 65-08-56 White Tape, 15M/50'

MA/MB 65-08-57 White Tape, 20M/66'

MA/MB 65-08-58 White Tape, 20M/66'

MA/MB 65-08-61 Black Tape, 15M

MA/MB 65-08-62 Black Tape, 20M

MA/MB 65-08-63 Black Tape, 30M

MA/MB 65-08-66 Black Tape, 15M/50'

MA/MB 65-08-67 Black Tape, 20M/66'

MA/MB 65-08-68 Black Tape, 20M/66'

MA/MB 65-08-71 St.St.Tape, 15M

MA/MB 65-08-72 St.St.Tape, 20M

MA/MB 65-08-73 St.St.Tape, 30M

MA/MB 65-08-76 St.St.Tape, 15M/50'

MA/MB 65-08-77 St.St.Tape, 20M/66'

MA/MB 65-08-78 St.St.Tape, 20M/66'

Type: MA (ABS case)

Type: MB (ABS handle / aluminum alloy frame)

Impa 65 08 90 Water finding paste 75g

Impa 65 08 91 Gasoline and oil finding paste 75g


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