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Differential Pressure gauge
  • KB 2000 differential pressure gauge

    Model: KB 2000

    ● Magnet-helix indicating mechanism ideal for low DP measurement
    ● A wide selection ofranges from OPa to 60Pa at up to 30KPa
    ● Accuracy 2% of FS
    ● Inertia-free, drift-free pointer indication
    ● Identical mounting dimensions to Model 2000 from Dwyer
    ● OEM solutions available
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  • KB 604

    ● Low cost, high quality
    ● Visual switching point setup
    ● With repeat accuracy of 2%
    ● With housing fitted by a single screw
    ● Easy to install, supplied with standard mounting accessories
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  • KB-2000S Digital Differential transmittermeter switch

    ● LCD display. Reserved cable joint for convenient connection, dustproof and waterproof
    ● Built-in calibration program, users can do their own calibration
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  • PG-07 Differential & Duplex Pressure gauge

    Differential pressure gauges measure the difference between two pressures. In differential pressure gauges, its elements and tube forms are used (diaphragm element, capsule element, Bourdon tube, etc.). This enables scale ranges of 0 ... 0.5 mbar up to 0 ... 1,000 bar to be covered, with a very high...
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  • KB2000DU Pointer Meter/Transmitter Differential Pressure Gauge

    Model: KB2000DU

    . Mechanical Micro Differential Pressure Gauge Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter 2-in-1
    . Large, clear and easy-to-read 4" dial
    . 4-20mA standard two-wire output
    . Accuracy: ±2%FS. Below 125Pa 4%
    .Magnetic spiral radio frequency non-contact technology
    . Save time, money, space
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  • Differential Pressure Switch

    Model: KB-930

    Max. operating pressure    2500 PaPressure media                  air, non-flammable gases,                  &...
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