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What is an OEM pressure sensor?

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The OEM pressure sensor is installed on the circuit board and can measure absolute pressure, relative pressure, gauge pressure, differential pressure and bidirectional differential pressure.

1. Application

Integration into data loggers, pressure controllers and handheld devices

Mainly used for pressure transmitters

2. Function

Digital or analog output signal

Non-linear accuracy can reach 0.125%

Measuring range 0…0.04 to 0…100 MPa

International common process connection

3. Description

TI-1 pressure sensor is regarded as the core component of many products, such as pressure transmitter, data collector, pressure controller or handheld device.

Wika Wika uses TI-1 in industrial measuring instruments that can meet stringent requirements. This product has been widely used in the market for many years.

What is an OEM pressure sensor?

As a customer, you will benefit from WIKA's many years of experience in sensor manufacturing and signal processing.

b. Advanced manufacturing process

TI-1 pressure sensor is manufactured with advanced equipment, which can provide customers with extremely strong flexibility and fast delivery. The production process of this product can provide very detailed and complete traceability at least at the component level of each product.

Customized design

Existing designs have been able to provide customers with multiple options for process connection and mechanical connection with the housing.

According to needs, we can further provide customized products to meet your technical requirements.

C. Technical level

The output signal can provide a variety of options, such as UART, I²C and SPI or analog voltage output.

Through the digital port, the sensor can provide various information data, such as sensor temperature. In terms of installation, it can also achieve zero and full scale point adjustment functions.

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