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The correct method of commercial pressure gauge installation

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The correct method of installation and use of commercial pressure gauges.

1. Before installing a commercial pressure gauge, please check whether the model, specification and accuracy grade of the instrument meet the requirements of the instrument. Check whether the connector thread of the meter is consistent with the internal thread of the installation.

2. The pressure gauge should be installed vertically, the inclination is generally not more than 30 °, and strive to maintain the same level with the measuring point to avoid indication errors.

3. After installation, under the condition of no pressure, observe whether the pointer is at the zero position or close to the stop nail, otherwise it is not suitable for use.

4. When measuring the steam pressure, a ring tube should be installed at the lower end of the pressure gauge, and water should be used to transfer the steam pressure to prevent high temperature steam from pouring into the spring tube and affecting accuracy. Or accidentally melted the solder, causing the instrument to measure leakage. Accident or burn.

The correct method of commercial pressure gauge installation

5. When using, slowly open the valve to make the pressure rise slowly to the working position.

If the valve opens suddenly, if the pressure is out of control and exceeds the upper limit of measurement, the spring tube will break, deform or fall off the sector teeth, and the instrument will lose its function.

6. After use, the pressure should be released slowly, and the pointer should not suddenly drop to the zero position, so that the pointer hits the disc to stop the nail, and the pointer will bend or even break.

7. The instrument shall be verified or repaired according to the specified requirements.

8. The removed instrument should be stored in a dust-proof, dry, and non-corrosive environment.

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