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Precautions for using Electric contact Bimetal thermometer

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Electric contact Bimetal thermometer is an on-site detection instrument suitable for measuring -80℃~+500℃, used to directly measure the temperature of gas, liquid, steam and other media and display it directly. This article focuses on telling you about the precautions of the bimetal thermometer in the modern industrial production process as follows:

1. During the storage, installation, use and transportation of the electric contact Bimetal thermometer, avoid collision with the protective tube as much as possible, and do not bend or deform the protective tube. When installing, it is strictly forbidden to twist the instrument casing.

2. The meter should work normally within an ambient temperature of -30℃~80℃.

3. The temperature of the meter should be within 1/2~3/4 of the scale range.

4. The length of the electric contact Bimetal thermometer protection tube immersed in the measured medium must be greater than the length of the temperature sensing element, generally the immersion length is greater than 100mm, and the immersion length of the 0-50℃ range is greater than 150mm to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

Precautions for using Electric contact Bimetal thermometer

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