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Application of metal digital thermometer

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As an online display instrument, the temperature range of a metal digital thermometer is usually (-50~1000)°C. It is equipped with platinum resistance or K-type thermocouple sensor as temperature measuring element. It uses a battery as a long-term power supply, no external power supply, easy installation and use, low power consumption, high precision, digitalization, and overcomes the fragility of old-fashioned thermometers such as glass liquid thermometers and bimetal thermometers. On-site observation, large visual error, low precision of pointer meter, pointer and transmission mechanism are easily damaged under vibration, and other shortcomings. It has been widely used in machinery, chemical, food, medicine, construction, petroleum and other industries, and has been verified. The workload of metal digital thermometers in the level of metrological verification department has also greatly increased.

Metal digital thermometer is matched with surface thermocouple and surface thermal resistance, which can measure the temperature of various solid surface gases, liquids, rubber, asphalt, plastics, etc. It is widely used in rubber, textile, paper, shipbuilding, food, iron and steel non-ferrous metals, petroleum products, ceramics, glass and other industries. The measured value displayed by the LCD digital display is intuitive and clear. The thermometer is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry.

Application of metal digital thermometer

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