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Several common faults and solutions of pt temperature sensor

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The pt temperature sensor technology is very mature. The temperature sensor is often used in conjunction with some instruments, and there are often some minor faults in the supporting use process. Therefore, here are several common faults and solutions after encountering them:

First, the output of the transmitter does not change when the temperature of the measured medium rises or falls. This situation is mostly caused by the sealing of the pt temperature sensor. This situation generally needs to be replaced by the sensor housing.

Second, the output signal is unstable. The temperature is originally an unstable temperature. If the display of the meter is unstable, it is the reason that the anti-interference ability of the meter is not strong.

Third, the output error of the transmitter is large, which may be caused by the wrong resistance wire of the selected pt temperature sensor, which may cause the range error, or it may be that the sensor is not calibrated when it leaves the factory.

It is rare for the pt temperature sensor to fail. As long as it is carefully tested when leaving the factory, these situations can be avoided.

Several common faults and solutions of pt temperature sensor

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