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The relation and distinction between digital pressure gauge and digital pressure transmitter

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Digital pressure gauge and digital pressure transmitter are often used in industry to measure pressure devices, what are the connections and differences between them? Is the digital pressure gauge the digital pressure transmitter of the digital output?

Digital pressure transmitter we all know very well, is to convert pressure signals into electrical signals for our analysis, there are generally absolute pressure digital pressure transmitter, differential pressure digital pressure transmitter, pressure sensor and sealed pressure sensor. Digital manometer is a kind of multifunctional manometer with high measuring accuracy, stable performance and easy operation. According to the fluctuation of the pressure source, the instrument can choose three measuring methods of laboratory, standard working condition and complex working condition, and has the function of temperature display and automatic data recording.

Digital pressure transmitter

It is widely used in the measurement of positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure of gas, and can measure the wind pressure and wind speed of pipeline with an epithelial managed instrument. It is an ideal testing instrument for environmental monitoring stations, fan pipelines, purification workshops, laboratories, air conditioning and heating, and fire safety checks. So the pressure gauge is not equal to the digital output of the digital pressure transmitter, half of the pressure gauge is used to measure the positive pressure of the atmosphere, negative pressure, differential pressure, and the pressure gauge can be used with other sensors, measuring a variety of data, is very convenient.

Understand the difference between digital pressure transmitter and pressure gauge are of great help/very helpful to us, commonly used in industry are digital pressure transmitter only needs when measuring the atmospheric pressure gauge and pressure gauge is usually a hand-held, so digital pressure transmitter and pressure gauge is very good, general manufacturer of digital pressure transmitter has the pressure gauge, So you can consult the sensor manufacturer if you are not very clear.

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