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Normal value of pressure gauge used in pump and matters needing attention

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The use of water pump needs to pay attention to the details are more, need special attention, so as not to affect the use. And the pressure gauge used in pump is more or less normal, now we have a look.

The pressure gauge used in pump how much is normal, this is not determined, but also according to the transmission distance, the size of the pipe thickness, and water supply height and other factors.

Under the correct circumstances, the pump pressure in public places needs to be about 0.1mpa, in the production of dense personnel, the pump pressure needs to be about 0.13mpa, and in other places, the pressure gauge used in pump needs to be about 0.07mpa.

pressure gauge used in pump

What should be paid attention to when using pressure gauge used in pump

1, In the process of using the pump, it is necessary to pay attention to the internal packing once there is wear and tear, it is necessary to add it in time. Otherwise, the pump is easy to deflate, which leads to the increase of motor energy consumption, damage the impeller of the pump, and lead to the normal use.

2, when the pump is used, if there is a strong vibration, it can not continue to use, it must stop, check the specific cause of damage, and then repair, then use, so that you can avoid unnecessary trouble.

3, if the bottom of the retaining pump is leaking, dry soil can not be added to the pipe inside the inlet pipe, and then open the pump to use, dry soil can be absorbed into the pump, which will lead to the shortening of the service life of the pump. Must contact professional personnel to deal with at this moment.

4, the maintenance of the pressure gauge used in pump is also very important. After the use of the pump, the internal water needs to be drained, and then the pump water pipe is removed and cleaned.

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