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Difference between diffusion silicon and capacitive Pressure Transmitter

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With the development of industrialization in society, Pressure Transmitters are widely used in various industrial fields, such as measuring and controlling air compressors and pumps, measuring and controlling industrial liquids and gases, etc. So what is the difference between diffusion silicon and capacitive Pressure Transmitter? The following article will provide you with detailed answers.

Pressure Transmitter

1. The difference in principle.

(1) Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter. The pressure of the measured medium acts directly on the diffusion silicon diaphragm of the sensor so that the diaphragm produces a small displacement proportional to the pressure of the medium. Simply put, the pressure causes a change in resistance.

(2) Capacitive pressure transmitter. It has a variable capacitance sensing assembly, the sensor is a completely enclosed assembly, process pressure, differential pressure through the isolation diaphragm and filled with silicon oil to the sensing diaphragm caused by displacement, the sensing diaphragm and the capacitance difference between the two capacitive pole plate by the electronic components into a current signal. Simply put, the pressure causes the change in capacitance.

2. Advantages.

(1) Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter. High stability, small temperature excursion, cheap.

(2) Capacitive pressure transmitter. It can achieve very low pressure, strong overload resistance, and high accuracy.

3. Disadvantages.

(1) Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter. More or less than the temperature requirement is difficult to use properly; it can not withstand dynamic pressure; the diaphragm is easy to damage; pressure requirements are more stringent.

(2) Capacitive pressure transmitter. High-pressure measurement lack advantages; the sensor packaging process requires high.

These are the differences between diffusion silicon and capacitive Pressure Transmitter. In general, the choice of pressure transmitter needs to be based on its actual situation.

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