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How to use Oil Gauging Tapes

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The usage of Oil Gauging Tapes is basically the same for soft and hard rulers. The liquid level fluctuates when refueling, which will cause inaccurate data. Insert the ruler to the bottom vertically and slowly, being careful not to swing, you can press the top of the ruler by hand. If the water test paste is applied to the bottom of the ruler, stay for more than 10 seconds. Pull it out and record the reading. Generally, plug it in 3 times for each oil measurement. Note that the minimum data shall prevail and do not take the average reading. If the reading is not clearly visible, use test oil to apply it near the liquid surface. The dipstick must be wiped clean, otherwise, the reading will not be clear.

The automobile fuel tanker uses a dedicated T-square measuring the height of the space, and its minimum graduation is 1mm. When measuring, apply grease on the estimated height of the ruler, and insert it vertically and smoothly into the liquid surface from the gauge port. When the two ends of the horizontal ruler of the T-square touch the gauge point at the same time, quickly take it out and read Empty the high value and record it.

How to use Oil Gauging Tapes

Oil Gauging Tapes with a nominal length of 5m are used to measure the height of the oil level in the horizontal tank. It is composed of a ruler, a ruler frame and a ruler tape. The minimum graduation value is 1mm. The allowable error of the total length of the 5m oil dipstick is plus or minus 1.3mm, and there is a length correction value table within the verification period.

The measurement of the oil height in the horizontal tank of the gas station should be checked on a real scale. The gauge should be carried out after the oil level is stable, and the oil stabilization time after the oil is 15 minutes. When measuring the ruler, you should stand on the upper hand, hold the ruler in one hand and carefully lower the ruler along the lower ruler groove of the measuring mouth. Do not swing the ruler. The other thumb and index finger gently fix the lower ruler position so that the ruler tape extends downward. When the mound will touch the oil surface, lower the ruler slowly to avoid damage to the oil surface stability. It is estimated that when the bottom is about to be bottomed, use the left thumb to catch the tape , and slowly move the wrist down. After the hand feels the bottom of the ruler, you can immediately lift the ruler to read, read the millimeter of the oil mark first, then read the large number, the reading should be rapid, If the oil mark on the ta pe is not obvious, apply the ointment to the tape near the oil mark. Measure twice in succession. When the error of the two readings is not greater than 1mm, take the first reading of the two times as the result of oil measurement. If it exceeds, regain the ruler.

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