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  • Reflex Gauge Glass

    Reflex glass is made from high pressure, high temperature borosilicate glass;
    It is used in lever gauge in boiler for water position.colorless, no inclusions, no internal striae.
    It is also named: Reflex Gauge Glass, Sight glass, Reflex Glasses, Reflex sight glass, Spares For level Gauge.
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  • Oil Gauging Tapes

    Model: Oil Gauging Tapes

    Oil Gauging Tapes are precision measuring tapes used to measure the level of oil in storage tanks. These tapes are made of stainless steel and are resistant to oil and other chemicals. Oil Gauging Tapes are available from various suppliers, who offer different models and specifications to meet diffe...
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  • KB2000DU Pointer Meter/Transmitter Differential Pressure Gauge

    Model: KB2000DU

    . Mechanical Micro Differential Pressure Gauge Micro Differential Pressure Transmitter 2-in-1
    . Large, clear and easy-to-read 4" dial
    . 4-20mA standard two-wire output
    . Accuracy: ±2%FS. Below 125Pa 4%
    .Magnetic spiral radio frequency non-contact technology
    . Save time, money, space
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  • Standard liquid fillable gauge with Baynet ring

    Model: 1310B

    1310B series pressure gauge is for industrial applications where the media or the environment contains chemically aggressive substances.The gauge is filled with liquid for damper mechanical vibrations
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